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Breast Augmentation And The Healing Process Afterwards

Published on March 12, 2020

Healing from a breast augmentation can depend on several factors, such as the placement of the implant, its size, your pain tolerance, and the recovery rate of your body. Your body will heal from the results in about six weeks.

24 Hours

Your arms and upper chest will be sore 24 hours following your breast augmentation. You may experience negative effects directly after surgery, which includes swelling, light bruising, and nausea. You may also experience mild discomfort.

1 Week

You will experience moderate pain and some level of discomfort. Keeping your chest in one place for too long can cause complications, so you are advised to perform displacement exercises as suggested by your surgeon.

2 Weeks

The pain will lessen considerably, though your stitches still stand the risk of tearing. Avoid doing intense exercises and lifting heavy objects.

3 Weeks

Continue your displacement exercises. Your incisions will almost heal by this point, so you can begin light exercises. However, stay away from upper body workouts.

4 To 6 Weeks

By this time, your incisions will heal completely. You will begin seeing the final results of your breast augmentation. You should not experience any pain at this time, as the implants will fully settle into your breasts and your stitches will have healed. However, if you still feel discomfort, contact your surgeon.

2 Years

Scars will disappear and blend into your skin within 2 years of the surgery.
Giving proper healing time to your breasts is crucial after breast augmentation. Take as many precautions as you can to ensure maximum healing. Make sure to follow all after-surgery tips to ensure your success in recovery.

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We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones in good health. Per directives by the Governor and HonorHealth we will be restarting surgery and several in-office procedures, while following new protocols to decrease the risk of transmission of any illness.

FOR SURGERIES AT THE OUTPATIENT CENTER: All patients MUST be covid negative. The hospital will coordinate the testing which must be done 2 days before your surgery and will be at NO COST to you.

We have decided to begin with our younger, lower risk patients having shorter surgeries for the first couple of weeks. Preops will of course be in person.

FOR CONSULTS AND BOTOX AND IN-OFFICE PROCEDURES: All patients must be screened for exposure to coronavirus (questionnaire) and have no symptoms or fever. We will not be doing any procedures around the mouth for the first few weeks. Patients MUST wear MASKS.

You will see some changes to our office procedures:

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