While a great deal of people view large breasts as appealing, the reality of the situation is much worse. Women with large or heavy breasts may experience pain in the back, shoulders, and neck. They may have difficulties breathing, bad posture, and irritation under the breasts. Large breasts can interfere with many physical activities and make women feel insecure.

If having large breasts is interfering with your daily life, you can benefit from a breast reduction. The primary objective of the procedure is to eliminate excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue in the breasts to reduce their size and increase proportion. It will also help provide relief from the pain associated with having large breasts and make it more comfortable to perform physical activities.

Contact us to learn more about the procedure and the benefits it can provide for you. Dr. Deborah White, a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in surgery of the face and body, is dedicated to achieving the best results. By combining her artistic capabilities with her medical background, she’ll help you obtain the results you desire.