Many women wish they had a full, toned, and smooth buttocks. While some women can naturally achieve the look they desire, other women may find it difficult because the buttocks may not develop the way they want it to. This can be a result of the aging process, genetics, or weight loss. With a Brazilian butt lift, however, you can combat these factors and obtain the buttocks you desire.

Before you can undergo a Brazilian butt lift surgery, you must first schedule a consultation with an experienced surgeon. Your surgeon will analyze your body as a whole to help determine if you will make a suitable candidate. You should be free of any underlying health conditions that may cause issues to arise, and you should have a suitable amount of excess fat to use to plump the buttocks.

To find out more details about what it takes to undergo a Brazilian butt lift, contact Dr. Deborah White to schedule an appointment. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, she has the skills and experience necessary to provide you with the contours you desire.