Aging can make your body grow and develop in a number of different ways based on your genetics, lifestyle, and environment. The changes that occur in your body may take the form of facial lines and wrinkles that may grow more intense over time. However, with the power of dermal fillers, you can treat these facial wrinkles and enhance your appearance.

Dermal fillers are natural and water-soluble. These products are highly effective in treating frown lines, the nasolabial folds, and other wrinkles in the corners of the mouth and around the lips. Depending on the filler you use, the results may last between six and twelve months.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about dermal fillers and the benefits they can provide you. Dr. Deborah White, a board-certified plastic surgeon, or her licensed aesthetician, Lynda Ludwig, RN, will talk to you about your options and answer any questions you have to help you make the right decision to satisfy your needs.