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Artwork by Dr. White

Since she was very young, Dr. Deborah White was interested in all forms of artwork, sculpture, drawing, and painting. It was this love of creating art, combined with an aptitude in science, which led her to want to become a Plastic Surgeon at a very early age. Over the years she has done drawings and paintings, sometimes for friends, other times for publications (medical illustrations), and often just for herself.

Some patients have expressed an interest in seeing some of her artwork, so for those of you that wish to see it, we have placed a few here. Many of these were done at life drawing courses where you sit in a circle around a model and draw them form whatever viewpoint that you are given. Some of these are charcoal sketches, others are chalk, or pastel, or pen and ink. The paintings are primarily acrylic, with a few in oil thrown in. There is even a snowman being made by a teenaged Dr. White, showing an early example of her passion for the beauty of the human form! We hope you enjoy them.

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