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What do you do if your implant size is no longer what you want?

Those larger breasts that you got decades ago may no longer flatter your figure! You may have gained weight, your breasts may be increasing in size with menopause, or the physical effects of larger breasts may be creeping up on you. Regardless, just like women with natural breasts that are too large, you may be having trouble with neck and back pain, have difficulty exercising, have shoulder grooves, or difficulty buying flattering clothes. Your breast may now be making you look heavier.

Whatever the reason, Dr. White offers implant removal or implant exchange for smaller implants. If this leaves loose skin, a breast lift can be done at the same time to give you the perkier, more youthful breasts you are looking for. For those that don’t want implants at all we offer fat transfer to the breasts for the right patients.

How will my breast look after implant removal?

Removal of implants that have been in a long time, especially those that are large or in patients without much breast tissue, can leave the breast looking scary and deflated. Fortunately, just like a woman’s abdomen after delivering a baby, many women have skin that will recover a lot in the weeks and month after surgery. For women with saline implants, Dr. White offers the option of deflating their implants in the office, so that we can see just what you will be left with. Sometimes, in women with good skin elasticity, or that had smaller implants, the breasts recover just fine without further surgery. Depending on the woman’s needs/wishes, Dr. White frequently lifts the breasts at the same time as removal in those that clearly have too much droop. For others, we offer fat transfer at the time of capsulectomy and implant removal with/without a lift.

Is having fat transfer like having implants?

Not really! Fat offers volume but doesn’t have the stiffness and structure of an implants. The breasts are soft and natural and can’t really have the fullness on the tops of the breast like those with implants. On the plus side, fat can be put anywhere in the breast and can even be used to make breasts start closer together in the cleavage area (unlike with implants). On the negative side, fat survival is variable but typically 50 to 75% survives. We can only put so much fat in a time, as the fat must be surrounded by normal tissue to become incorporated and survive. Therefore, patients with really thin tissues can require more than one round of fat transfer. If you try to put too much in, it just leaves oil cysts or fat necrosis (areas of firmness) that aren’t harmful but certainly not desirable.

Benefits of fat transfer

You get liposuction of other areas of your body when we harvest the fat.
The fat that survives is there forever and doesn’t need any further care
It can be put anywhere in the breast (even areas that an implant can’t help)
It feels very natural.

Downsides of fat transfer

If you are too thin it can be difficult to get fat!
All of it won’t survive
More than one round of fat transfer could be needed.

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