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Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Deborah White specializes in aesthetic enhancements that encompass a comprehensive range of procedures, tailored to rejuvenate and redefine your beauty.

Discover the lasting impact of plastic surgery with Deborah White, M.D. Specializing in breast enhancement surgery, facial treatments, and varied body contouring procedures, we offer personalized solutions. Our approach is precise and innovative, ensuring tailored results aligned with individual needs. Experience the benefits of advanced techniques and a dedicated commitment to your vision. We focus on sculpting contours and enhancing features with expertise and precision.


Achieve the figure you desire with our advanced breast procedures, including augmentation, reduction, and lift. Dr. White’s expertise ensures natural-looking results, enhancing both confidence and comfort.


Say goodbye to loose skin around your body with our array of body contouring options. From liposuction to tummy tucks, our surgical rejuvenation techniques sculpt and refine, shaping you into your dream body.


Rejuvenate your face on your terms. Whether it’s a facelift, rhinoplasty, or eyelid surgery, Dr. White combines precision and aesthetics for results that reflect your unique beauty.

Before and After Care

Before Your Procedure

Adhere to specific guidelines provided by Dr. White, including medication adjustments, lifestyle modifications, and fasting requirements.

Arrange a comfortable and quiet space at home for your recovery, ensuring you have necessary supplies such as pillows, loose clothing, and prescribed medications.

After Your Procedure

Adequate rest is crucial for a smooth recovery. Follow Dr. White’s recommendations for downtime, avoiding strenuous activities and heavy lifting. Pain and discomfort are normal initially. Take prescribed pain medications as directed and use ice packs or recommended ointments to manage swelling.

Keep incisions clean and dry. Follow the provided wound care instructions to minimize the risk of infection and promote proper healing.


Q: How soon can I return to work or normal activities after surgery?

A: Recovery times vary, but most patients can return to light physical activities within a week. Dr. White provides personalized guidelines for a gradual return to regular routines.

Q: Will there be visible scarring after surgery?

A: Dr. White employs advanced techniques to minimize scarring. Incisions are strategically placed, and post-operative care includes instructions for scar management.

Q: Are there non-surgical options for facial rejuvenation?

A: Yes, non-surgical procedures like Botox, dermal fillers, and laser treatments can provide effective facial rejuvenation. Dr. White discusses these options based on your goals and preferences.

More Options

In addition to surgical procedures, we offer non-surgical treatments, such as Botox and dermal fillers, for a quick and effective beauty boost. Explore our before & after photos to witness the remarkable transformations our patients have undergone. These visuals serve as a testament to the outstanding results you can expect.


Dr. Deborah White is a leading plastic surgeon in Scottsdale with a proven track record of excellence. Her dedication to patient care and exceptional surgical skill ensures that you receive the highest level of care and results you can trust. Your journey to cosmetic perfection begins here.

With Plastic Surgery Procedures in Scottsdale, Dr. Deborah White and her skilled team can help you achieve the look you’ve always desired, enhancing your confidence and self-assuredness. Trust us to provide a tailored experience and bring out your true beauty. Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about changing your appearance; it’s about enhancing your life.

The Consultation Process

We offer a personalized consultation where we will explain our cosmetic procedures such as breast enhancement surgery and body contouring. During this session, you can expect a detailed discussion about your desired outcomes, a thorough assessment of available options, and the development of a comprehensive plan tailored to your specific goals. 

Dr. White will guide you at every stage, ensuring that you are well-informed and confident in your decisions. You will receive personalized recommendations and a detailed understanding of the procedures, empowering you to make informed choices about your aesthetic journey. We are committed to sculpting your desired silhouette with plastic surgery in Scottsdale, AZ.

Post-Surgical Care

Experience our dedicated post-surgery care, a hallmark of our commitment in our practice. Following breast enhancement surgery, facial cosmetic treatments, or body contouring procedures, our meticulous attention continues beyond the operating room. 

You’ll receive comprehensive guidance, detailed post-operative instructions, and regular follow-ups. Dr. White and her supportive team ensures your comfort, addressing concerns and monitoring your recovery progress. We prioritize your well-being, providing essential information to manage post-procedural effects, optimizing healing, and maintaining results.

Schedule A Consultation

Get in touch with Dr. White to explore the benefits of plastic surgery, breast enhancement surgery, and body contouring procedures. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards realizing your cosmetic goals.

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Elevate your beauty with Deobrah White M.D Plastic Surgery, where transformation meets expertise. Our skilled team is dedicated to enhancing your natural allure, providing personalized and compassionate care. Explore a range of cosmetic procedures tailored to your unique desires, guided by Dr. White's commitment to precision and artistic finesse. Unveil a confident and radiant you – schedule your consultation today!

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