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Corner Lip Lift

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A corner lip lift helps Scottsdale patients enhance thin and drooping lips, restoring a defined appearance and youthful volume. This cosmetic facial plastic surgery procedure provides a permanent lift for the sagging corners of the lips.

Eyelid LiftThe Aging Mouth

As part of the aging process, the mouth experiences several changes:

  • Upper lip lengthens
  • Lower teeth show with open mouth
  • Corners droop
  • Vermillion thins
  • Perioral rhytids

These changes can give the lips a sad or drawn appearance. With a corner lip lift, a number of these changes can be reversed.

The Corner Lip Lift

Typically, a corner lip lift only takes an hour or less to perform. At the start, local anesthesia is injected to numb the region, preventing any pain. Sedation may also be administered.

Next, a tiny incision is made where the skin and the vermillion border meet at the corner of each lip. Skin is removed right above the border. Finally, sutures are used to close the incisions.

Corner Lip Lift Recovery

The corner lip lift recovery process is relatively quick. Patients will notice swelling and bruising, which will fade over the course of three to five days.

After around five to seven days, patients will come in for a follow-up appointment. Dr. White will evaluate the healing process and remove the sutures.

Taking a week off from work will be necessary. After this time, patients can return to work without any issues. Patients will be able to enjoy their results once all swelling has ameliorated.


Corner Lip Lift – Part 1

Corner Lip Lift – Part 2

Upper Lip Lift

The Cost of a Corner Lip Lift

When determining the cost of a corner lip lift procedure, several factors are considered. The price of this cosmetic surgery can be affected by its total length, anesthesia fees, and the exact techniques utilized.


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