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Enlarged labia can be problematic with exercise and sexual activity.  Aging changes to the region can also lead to dissatisfaction.  The labia majora (outer lips) and/or labia minora (inner lips) can be affected.  Dr. White reduces the outer lips with an incision along the transition between hair-bearing and non-hair-bearing skin, which leaves a scar that when completely healed, is very difficult to see.

For the inner lips, either a wedge technique (which preserves the pigmented and ruffled free edge while reducing the bulk of the labia) or trimming technique (for when the colored area is considered undesirable and the labia is trimmed along its length) can be used.  For most women, this is done in the privacy or our office using local anesthesia.  Dissolving sutures are used.  You will need to be very careful with the area and abstain from sexual activity for 3 to 4 weeks.

Occasionally, filler (temporary) or fat transfer (permanent) can be used in the labia majora to regain a fuller, more youthful appearance.


“I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your great medical care during my operation. It was especially comforting to know that I was in such good hands and that no matter what concerns I had, I never felt uneasy about asking any questions. You all made the experience one that has already brought results that I’m pleased with. I will be in touch providing my future improvements. Thanks again for everything and I’ll see you the next time I’m in Scottsdale.”

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Your Labiaplasty procedure will be performed in Dr. White’s surgery center located in Scottsdale, AZ, just outside of Phoenix and Tucson

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