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Arm Lift Scottsdale

Excess skin on the upper arms can be a huge source of frustration for patients.  Often they have to adjust their shirt sizes upwards just to accommodate the skin and tissues.  Because of the location of the necessary incisions, this can be a real trade-off of shape for scars.  Many patients scar well enough that the incisions eventually (after many months to a year or two) become difficult to see.  The traditional arm lifts removed an ellipse of skin from the elbow to the armpit, leaving a scar in the middle of the arm.  Now we frequently extend the scar to the bottom of the armpit in order to include tightening of armpit area as well as secondarily removing most of the hair, sweat glands and scent glands in the area.  We now also typically locate the scar 2/3’s of the way down the arm from top to bottom to better conceal it under the curve and shadow of the arm.  As with any of these surgeries, Dr. White works with the patient to help decide which scar or surgery best accomplishes the patient’s goals.

If the chest is loose as well, we can extend the incision along the side of the chest down to the fold under the breasts.  This would be called an EXTENDED BRACHIOPLASTY (arm lift plus chest lift)

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