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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Scottsdale

As the science of fat transfer has brought new and exciting options in body contouring, patients now have another option when adding fullness to their breasts.  Whether there is asymmetry and you just need more fullness on one side, or you are looking to upsize both breasts, fat transfer can be a great procedure.  There is the added bonus of fat removal from the harvest sites, but of course, you must have fat to be harvested, so this may not be an option for very slender women.  The amount of fat that survives the surgery is anywhere from approximately 40 to 75%, and sometimes more than one procedure is needed to achieve larger volumes.  Typically, this is for the woman who doesn’t want implants or the maintenance they can require, or that has failed implants, or that only wants a modest increase in size.

Fat Transfer Procedure Information:

This surgery is done on an outpatient basis at the Virginia Piper Outpatient Surgical Facility in Scottsdale under general anesthesia.  The fat harvest site is predetermined in consultation with Dr. White.  The fat is removed from the chosen areas and then filtered and injected into the breasts to give added fullness.  You will go home with a compression garment on the harvest areas and a soft bra on your breasts.  You are encouraged to be up and around even the evening of surgery, avoiding strenuous activity.  Typically you can return to full activity after 2 to 3 weeks.  At around 3 months you will be able to assess how much fat has survived the transfer, while the liposuctioned harvest sites take the usual 6 months or more to completely heal (lose all swelling, regain normal sensation).

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