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Belt Lipectomy Scottsdale

This is one of the most common procedures performed after massive weight loss, as it provides dramatic improvement of the trunk, buttocks, groin area, and outer thighs. The scar is identical to the tummy tuck in the front, but goes all the way around the lower trunk.  We try to place the scar so that you may wear brief attire if at all possible.  The procedure requires general anesthesia and 1 to 2 nights of skilled nursing care at the Virginia Piper Outpatient Surgical Center. Early ambulation is critical to uneventful healing, and the nurses and aides will assist you with this.  There are typically 1 or 2 drains placed in the abdominal area and these are removed once the drainage has decreased in the first week, although some patients may take a little longer.  An abdominal binder and pads are placed at the time of surgery and are worn for several weeks to provide gentle compression and support.  While walking is encouraged from the early recovery period, return to full activity usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

Complementary Plastic Surgery Procedures

Additional procedures that may enhance the result of body contouring include LiposuctionBreast EnlargementBreast Lift, or Tummy Tuck.

Occasionally, if the body lift is being performed for medical reasons, the procedure may be partially covered by insurance. Usually, the patient is responsible for payment.

Body Contouring Surgery

The specific risks and the suitability of anybody contouring plastic surgery procedure can be determined only during your consultation with Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. White. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk, but major complications are unusual.

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