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Otoplasty (Ear Tuck)

Conveniently located to serve Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson

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Ears that stick out more than average can be a source of embarrassment for both boys and girls (and men and women). It can be especially challenging for young boys, who generally can’t use their hair to hide them. Protuberant ears may be the result of developmental issues with the rim of the ear, the base of the ear, or a combination of problems.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Deborah White is proud to provide otoplasty, or ear tuck surgery, as well as earlobe surgery, for patients in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson, AZ who are unhappy with the appearance of their ears for a variety of reasons.

Otoplasty Candidates

Otoplasty can be performed on adults, as well as on children whose ears have fully developed. Candidates for the procedure must be in good overall health and have realistic goals. Dr. White can determine your candidacy for otoplasty during your consultation.

Your Otoplasty Consultation

The first step of the treatment process is coming in for your initial consultation. At this appointment, Dr. White will learn about your aesthetic concerns and goals for the procedure. She will also examine your ears and review your medical history to ensure that ear surgery is the safest, most effective option for you.

If otoplasty is right for you, our team will provide you with preoperative instructions, so you can come in fully prepared on the day of your procedure. The details of your procedure will be explained, and we will also review post-operative care information.

What to Expect During Your Otoplasty Procedure

The procedure is typically done under general anesthesia at the Virginia Piper Outpatient Surgery Center. Incisions are usually hidden behind the ear. For the correction of protuberant ears, the ear is coaxed into proper alignment by removing excess tissue and suturing the cartilage into the proper folds. Once all necessary changes have been made, the incisions will be sutured closed, and the surgical sites will be dressed.

Recovering From Otoplasty

You will have a dressing that consists of cotton molded to the ear with a wrap around the head. As healing progresses, the dressing will be changed to a simple headband worn for a week full-time and then at night for a few more weeks. Post-op discomfort can be controlled with oral medications. The ears must be protected from excessive force, abrasion, and friction throughout the recovery period to ensure optimal results.

Scottsdale Earlobe Surgery

Dr. White also offers earlobe surgery to repair torn or stretched earlobes. This procedure is often recommended for patients who are tired of their gauges, naturally have disproportionately large earlobes, have torn earlobes after wearing heavy earrings, or simply have sagging, elongated earlobes from age.

This type of surgery is done on-site in our state-of-the-art procedure room using local anesthesia. No dressing is needed, and sutures are removed at around a week.

If we are repairing your torn earlobes, Dr. White will re-pierce them for you after six weeks if healing proceeds normally. You generally CANNOT re-pierce them in the same place, as scar tissue is not as strong as your natural tissue and will tend to re-tear.

For patients with shriveled or wrinkled earlobes that have lost youthful fullness, Dr. White can temporarily improve their appearance with filler injections. For longer-lasting results, unwanted fat from elsewhere on your body can be harvested, purified, and injected to restore fullness.

Otoplasty Cost

The cost of otoplasty at our office in Scottsdale, AZ will depend on the complexity of your procedure and other factors. Our team can go over the expected cost of your procedure during your consultation with Dr. White.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to know if otoplasty or earlobe surgery can resolve your cosmetic concerns, please contact our office today to schedule a consultation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. White can answer any questions you may have about the procedure and provide you with the personalized surgical care you need. Our practice is conveniently located to serve patients from Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tucson, and the surrounding areas.


“I wanted to tell you how wonderful my experience at your office was. Each one of you made my surgery pleasant. Your treatment on all levels was outstanding and the continuous follow up really shows you care. “

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Your Otoplasty (ear tuck) procedure will be performed in Dr. White’s surgery center located in Scottsdale, AZ, just outside of Phoenix and Tucson

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