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Buttock Lift Scottsdale

For patients with saggy or flat buttocks from aging, genetics, or weight loss, this area can be improved with fat transfer (“Brazilian Butt Lift”)  or buttock lift or a combination of the two.  Dr. White does not offer buttock implants as she feels the complication rate is relatively high, and the complications are very difficult to fix.  The buttock lift places the incision and scar just above the buttocks and can be done by itself or as a part of a body lift or belt lipectomy (it is included in these surgeries).

Scottsdale Brazilian Butt Lift.

Fat is taken from one part of the body (usually the waist and flanks) and transferred to the buttock region to give improved shape and fullness.  Usually 50 to 70% of the fat survives.  Most of the time, only one procedure is needed, but in some cases a second transfer can be required for greater fullness.  With the fat transfer, the fat that survives is there forever and there is less of a risk of infection or scar tissue than with the butt implants.  You also don’t have to worry about the fat shifting or becoming malpositioned as you would with an implant.

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