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Revision Breast Surgery

Conveniently located to serve Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tucson

Revision Breast Surgery

Many Plastic Surgeons will not, or do not like to do, revisional surgeries on breasts, especially if they did not do the original surgery.  Dr. White enjoys the challenge of these cases, knowing that results can almost always be at least improved upon.  Dr. White will meet with you, listen to your goals for your breasts, and let you know honestly what she thinks can be repaired.  If further surgery would not be in your best interest she will let you know.

Scottsdale Implant Removal:

Tired of implants? Do your implants no longer fit with your self image?  Have you had repeated surgeries for capsular contractures or other complications?  Have your breast grown with menopause or change in weight to larger than you’d like?  If so, you may be able to have them removed and still have attractive breasts.  You can of course downsize them, but sometimes women simply want them out.  If you have elastic, thick breast tissue, simple removal may do the trick.  If your skin is thinned out, or your breasts have sagged, then implant removal with a breast lift may be indicated.  For patients that don’t do well with implants but still wish for more fullness, fat transfer to the breasts can be an attractive option.

Dr. White will meet with you to discuss your goals, and then let you know your different options. She will work with you to obtain a result that you will like.


“Your magnificent surgical skills have given a better result than I dreamed possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Blessings Always..”

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Your Revision Breast Surgery procedure will be performed in Dr. White’s surgery center located in Scottsdale, AZ, just outside of Phoenix and Tucson

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