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Body Contouring & Massive Weight Loss Scottsdale

Dr. White has a special love of this type of surgery. Many surgeons do not especially enjoy it, as the surgeries can be long. Removing the extra skin is done by many surgeons. Dr. White takes great pride in trying to remove the excess in an artistic fashion; placing scars in the body’s natural creases and leaving as many large areas untouched by scars as possible. She takes particular pride in her belly buttons, which are the focal point of an attractive abdomen.

Restoring bodies that have excess skin and stretched out abdominal muscles that can’t be fixed with diet and exercise is extremely gratifying for Dr. White. She has great admiration for the accomplishment of losing so much weight and is excited to be a part of their journey. Many patients achieve their weight loss goals only to be disappointed by the challenges presented by excess skin and tissue. We want to help them look good not only in their clothes, but also without. The skin can also cause issues with rashes and hygiene, and in some cases, even with movement.

Massive weight loss patients present their own unique challenges, and our team strives to work with the bariatric surgeons and doctors to optimize these people for surgery. We want to make sure that nutritionally and physically they are well-prepared. We require them to be at a stable weight so as try to ensure long-lasting results. It is important for them to be mentally and emotionally prepared as well, which is why our team will go over the expected healing and results and options ahead of time.

Because skin that has been stretched severely often has poor elasticity, we try to prepare the patients for the stretching out that can occur 6 months to a year after surgery. This is typically only a small percentage of the original laxity, but if the result can be improved we are happy to do it. The closures are done tightly, and due the nature of these long incisions (they don’t have the best blood supply) it is not uncommon to have some minor wound-healing issues. Our experienced team helps them to heal as quickly as possible, and if touch-ups are required, there is no surgical fee (only supplies, OR, anesthesia if needed). Often we do these touch-ups during the next phase of surgery as these are often staged procedures. Small touch-ups are done using local anesthesia in our office.

Body Contouring and Massive Weight Loss Procedure Information:

Most of these procedures are done across the street from our office at the Virginia Piper Outpatient Center, which is a part of HonorHealth and connected with the main hospital by a bridge. Piper offers the ultimate in outpatient surgery care with 10 operating rooms and 9 overnight stay rooms. Some surgeries are done as outpatients, while the more extensive ones require 1 to 2 nights stay. Patients can elect to stay up to 3 days for an extra fee.

For most of these surgeries, you are seen by Dr. White the following day, and then at 1, 3, and 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months afterwards. More frequent visits are done as required by the individual’s needs and circumstances, since all patients are different, and all are included in the surgery fees. For most procedures, full activity can be resumed at 6 weeks.

Dr. White believes in long term follow-up and encourages patients to return yearly to make sure all is well, and also to assess the continued efficacy of procedures that were done.

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