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Fees and Financing

Quotes and Fees:

We are happy to give patients approximate quotes over the phone, but can’t give exact quotes without Dr. White seeing you and, in consultation with you, come up with your procedure options and their costs.

When you get your quote, the fees are calculated to our best estimate of the charges. Should your procedure take longer than expected, the surgical facility and the anesthesiologist will bill you separately for the additional time. Dr. White’s quotes are effective for 6 months, but the facility and anesthesia fees may change.

Cosnsult Fee:

There is a $100 consult fee which is collected at the time the consult is scheduled. Dr. White and her team will spend at least an hour with you, and often longer, as required. The fee can be applied towards any service or surgery. Please cancel in advance if you can’t make it so that others can have that spot. If you let us know at least 24 hours in advance, your fee will be refunded.

Surgery Fees:

Your quote will include all pre and post-op visits as well as any implants or surgical garments. The fees will be itemized for you. Most patients prefer to pay our office one fee and have us handle paying the anesthesiologist, the hospital, etc. You may, however, elect to pay everyone separately if you wish. If revisionary surgery is deemed necessary within the first year, there is no surgeon’s fee, however there may be operating room and anesthesia costs, which would be the responsibility of the patient. For in-office touch-ups, there may be small supply fees.

Upon scheduling your surgery, we require a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE SCHEDULING FEE. This will be applied to your surgeon’s fee which is due in full at your pre-operative appointment (approximately 2 weeks prior to your surgery). Payments are accepted in the form of cash, personal check, money order, cashier’s check, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. If you use a credit card, the card holder MUST be present in person and MUST present a valid form of identification. If you have to cancel your scheduled surgery, we require at least 5 business days notice or there will be an additional charge of $1000. If you reschedule, we will apply this to your remaining balance.

Dr. White often uses an RNFA (RN First assist) for cases with large areas of suturing. She uses a few, carefully vetted and talented assistants for closing the skin only. Dr. White does the ENTIRE surgery. This allows her to keep the surgeries as short as possible. Should you wish to not use an RNFA, Dr. White Is happy to do this, but you will incur greater operating room and anesthesia fees for the longer surgery. RNFA fees (if needed) are also due at your pre-operative appointment in the form of a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order.

If you are having any surgery where breast tissue is removed (male or female), hospital policy requires that the tissues be sent to pathology to make sure there is no cancer present. If this is the case, there will be a pathology charge from the hospital, as well as one from the pathologist. Our office will give you the approximate amounts.

Should you need to stay overnight at the Virginia Piper Outpatient Surgery Center or at Greenbaum, there will be a fee. It is currently $1000/night. You may stay up to 3 days should you want to.


For those interested in financing your procedure, our office offers CareCredit to qualified patients. Please click the below link and you will be directed to CareCredit’s application page.

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Dear Patients and Families,

This is a rapidly evolving situation and we will strive to keep everyone updated. We will remain open as long as it is considered safe for our patients and staff and in compliance with any directives from local or federal governments. Our environment is clean and sanitized regularly. We have hand sanitizer available as soon as you enter. We welcome our patients to see us safely with the following precautions that likely you are already aware of:

We are scheduling appointments so that the waiting room will be sparsely populated with other patients. You can elect to check-in when you arrive by phone and then wait in your car to be called in. You may have one other person with you and children (under 18) are not allowed.

We have a simple screening process to assure that it is relatively safe for you to come to the office. You should have received the following screening questions with your appointment reminder test:

If you need a follow-up visit, you may not need to come to the office. You can email us at and send photographs, or have us set up a video check-up (we are just rolling this out, so bear with us!). This is NOT a secure set-up--not HIPAA-compliant but they have suspended these regulations temporarily. Emergencies and early post-op visits will take place as usual.

Dr. White primarily operates at Piper Outpatient Center, and they have temporarily suspended all elective surgeries. So far it is for 2 weeks, but that will be reassessed constantly. Our apologies for the postponed surgeries! Once we have a better idea as to when regular operations will resume, we will let you know! Please stay safe and we will update you as we go along!

Dr. White and Staff