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Define and Contour Your Abs with a Tummy Tuck

Published on December 21, 2019

Feeling fed up with flab? Tired of your spare tire? Trick out your tummy with a tummy tuck!

Depending on how much tissue alteration and removal you’re interested in, your tummy-tuck procedure will take between one and five hours. An incision from one hipbone to the other will give the plastic surgeon the needed access to the underlying fatty deposits and abdominal muscles.

After your plastic surgeon has finished removing skin, suctioning fat, and tightening your ab muscles, they’ll close up those incisions, and you’ll be on your way to perfect abs.

We can help you get the abs you’ve been looking for using a tummy tuck. If you’re interested in finding out more, contact our office to set up a tummy-tuck consultation today!

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