Wow!!! I have had the most incredible experience from start to finish. Dr. White is the most amazing doctor. I was referred to her from a close friend and I would refer her to anyone needing any elective surgery. I wasn’t sure how to explain The exact look I was going for but I trusted her judgment with what I was able to give her. The result far exceeded my expectations. Prior to the surgery I was incredibly nervous as I have never had anything elective done before. They made me feel so comfortable as they were so knowledgeable, sweet, caring and personable. Dr. White is incredibly professional. You can tell the second you speak with her that this is her art and craft. Her work is reflective of her passion for perfection and of her clients. To top it off her personality is the best! So fun and light hearted. Debbie her unicorn manager is beyond sweet, Knowledgeable, helpful and funny as well. I would just go hang out at the office just to hang out with them if I could such an amazing experience! And lastly the people at the hospital were on the same high vibration as everyone at Dr. Whites Office. There wasn’t a moment where I felt uncomfortable or uneasy. Was the smoothest operation I’ve ever had. Each person made me feel like they were a friend / family. Not just another number.