Excess skin on the upper arms can be caused by significant changes in body weight, age, or genetics. It can be a frustrating situation to deal, especially when the skin hangs to such a degree that it forms an unsightly phenomenon known as bat wings.

Many people who struggle with the onset of bat wings often feel insecure about their appearance and lack confidence. If this sounds like you, a plastic surgery procedure known as the arm lift may be your answer.

An arm lift is a procedure that can be used to eliminate excess skin on the upper arms. During the procedure, your surgeon will make the necessary incisions in order to remove the excess skin and fat causing the problems. After the procedure, your arms will be more toned and pleasing to look at.

As an excellent board-certified plastic surgeon and a specialist in face and body procedures, Dr. Deborah White is dedicated to providing the best results possible for every patient. Contact our office to arrange a consultation, where the two of you can speak about the surgery and develop a personalized plan to get the arms you desire.